My work in podcasting has spanned over a decade and covers three shows that I’ve produced or co-produced, written, edited, and done creative work and marketing for. I’ve also appeared on many podcasts as a guest and helped other people launch their own successful shows. For more on my experience as a podcaster, narrator, and audio editor, please see my resume.

NWW_2017_Logo_Update_v1 New World Witchery is a website and podcast dedicated to learning more about North American folk magic and witchcraft traditions. Since 2010, Cory and co-host Laine have tackled topics ranging from Pennsylvania German healing practices to the history of the Satanic Panic to contemporary concerns among magical practitioners.

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What people are saying about New World Witchery:

New World Witchery is a great addition to the podcast scene. I enjoy the informative and relaxed style that Cory and Laine offer. This one will stay on my playlist! -Listener Tegan L., 2010

New World Witchery is a great resource for anyone practicing or just plain interested in paganism, magic, root work and the like. Cory and Laine are honest, informative and really open-minded about different practices and the topics discussed. I look forward to each episode. And all the added folklore makes for great story telling. Thanks for the great podcast -Listener Jamie A., 2017

I love New World Witchery and feel like I am taking a graduate course in American folk magic just by listening. Cory and Laine are fun, engaging, informative hosts. Cory, especially, is a fountain of knowledge. They cover all kinds of folk magic practiced in America, and include literary fiction and folk tales at times (especially around the holidays). I look forward to each episode! -Listener Jeannine J., 2015


Chasing Foxfire is a podcast about the places and ways that folklore intersects with other areas of study, including medicine, history, popular culture, art, and literature. Through interviews, poetry, fiction, and other formats Cory explores topics such as bioluminescence in Civil War soldiers, dire wolves in the La Brea Tar Pits, and the ways that social media rumors can influence health care practices.

What people are saying about Chasing Foxfire:

Cory’s presentation of folklore and history puts similarly themed shows to shame. He has the unique feature of actually interviewing experts, which adds a new level of personal attachment to topics that other shows can’t quite touch. Plus, the host has a gripping way of engaging the audience, and his voice should be the envy of all podcasters everywhere. Chasing Foxfire is destined for majorly huge things, and I’m glad I’m on board for the ride. -Listener Don M., 2016

Myth Taken Logo v1Myth-Taken: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Podcast is a show that looks at the popular television series as well as its many offshoots into other shows, comics, fanfiction, and more. Hosts Laine and Cory examine each episode in detail, as well as diving into some of the mythology and folklore behind things like werewolves, witches, and of course vampires.

Visit: Myth-Taken: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Podcast

What people are saying about Myth-Taken: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Podcast:

This podcast is truly a cut above the rest. Both hosts clearly love the show, but while they have fun they bring a lot of extras that are hard to find. I enjoy getting a wiccan perspective, as well as learning more about classic vampire myths. But it’s the Buffy discussions that are riveting. Perceptions are discussed in depth, with disagreements explored as personal perspectives. It’s wonderful to have hosts knowledgeable about the comics and into serious fanfiction. Thoughtful, intelligent and fun! – Listener Bespangled, 2019

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